The first non-fungible token (NFT) collection of luxury watches made by artisans

The Artisan is a community of watchmakers who personalize luxury watches, making them unique pieces. Our goal is to create the first marketplace of NFTs and physical watches in the metaverse, welcome to our Boutique. We will recreate the concept of time within a new world; don’t miss the meta-revolution.

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The First Launch

Our first launch will consist of 3500 hidden NFTs. By purchasing an NFT you will receive a box that will be opened at the time of the reveal.


You could find a watch in different colors and different rarities

second launch

After the reveal stage, we will launch the boxes collection. Collect a box of the same color as the NFT watch to combine them in the Burn phase. 


Match a watch and a box of the same color,
burn it to get a “Complete NFT”


Giveaway of 8 physical Rolex Submariner
customised by our master artisan with an unique utility in the Web3 world


The Complete NFT work for you by staking in our Caveau,
you’ll receive $TheArtisanToken as your daily reward which can be exchanged or used to buy real watches and experiences, get exclusive discounts and partecipate in watches giveaways.


We have created the first boutique in the metaverse where you can buy and sell your NFTs or order physical timepieces

Wearable NFT​

Wear your NFT in the metaverse


Official website where you can buy
luxury watches with crypto


Official website where you can buy
 luxury watches with crypto

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Start-up expert with many active projects in the crypto community.
He is a watches collector and expert, with many successful partnerships with international master artisans.


Young entrepreneur, experienced forex trader and crypto enthusiast. In the last years he became an NFT and crypto investor of other huge projects. His mind is like a train. 


Computer science engineer expert in graphic design and 3D animations.
His motto: “I love to bring to life things that cannot exist in the real world”.


Fashion luxury brand project manager, online content creator since 2015 and he’s an IT engineer. He is in love with tech and art.


SW engineer specialized in blockchain and crypto. He has international collaborations with many cyber-security companies.


We have a dedicated team focused on managing socials, marketing, public relations and a solid group of web 3.0 dev working on the launch of the collection.

Meet the community

Our goal is to create a community of watch lovers and NFT on Discord and in the metaverse, get to know other members


The question is not why but when. The Artisan is not just an NFTs project, The Artisan is a new way to launch a successful start-up. We are the first on-chain project whose goal is to create a complete integration between the real world and the metaverse through the creation of a meta-boutique where people from all over the world will customize and buy luxury watches. Not merely art, we are the Artisan, we are the future.
“Minting” an NFT is, in more simple terms, means uniquely publishing your token on the blockchain to make it purchasable.
The Artisan Project has plenty of utilities. First of all, the holders of the so-called “complete NFT”, being owners of a piece of our society, will receive dividends from our secondary market revenue. Moreover, all holders will have the right to access reserved areas in our boutique. Last but not least they will be eligible to win a physical copy of one watch of our first collection.
Here is a list of our NFTs and relative costs: – Watches will cost 2,5 SOL in WL and 3,5 SOL in Public sell. – Boxes will cost 2,5 SOL in WL and 3.5 SOL in Public sell.

NFT stands for “Non-Fungible Token”. It’s a unique, digital item with blockchain-managed ownership that users can buy, own, and trade.

Minting will be announced on this Discord server. We will be holding a presale before the public launch for our Whitelist members. Make sure you carefully read everything mentioned in the Whitelist channel in our Discord server to learn how to join the Whitelist. 

Feel free to ask any questions you have in our social media. All essential informations will be announced on this Discord server.